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Reflecting on What I Have Learned from my Digital History Course

Marking the end of this semester, I am leaving with great knowledge thanks to this class that will help me further establish myself in the digital world. There is so much more to learn about digital history but this class provided me with enough information that will allow me to navigate through the digital world. A topic that this class discussed in which I found very eye-opening is the importance of evidence, and the evidence is far beyond obtaining citations. I have learned that some evidence requires permission from the source to which purpose the evidence is being used and how it will affect the source.

As matter of fact, the idea of asking permission itself and the intended intentions were talked about throughout this class as it is a sensitive topic in the digital world. I have learned that despite my wish to not get too involved in the digital world, it is important to represent myself rather than let other people do it on my behalf. Our information is being sold to companies and many people take advantage of this information so we must write our true history and give our perspective to what truly happened. The internet is a world in itself and many generations in the future will be able to navigate through what had happened in the 21st century to make their own judgment.

However, that was not the case centuries ago where not enough pieces of evidence supported what really happened during some previous historical events. This class has taught me how much the internet shaped history as everything is now documented and accessible for the general public. Another aspect that this class helped me see is the number of great people that are not remembered despite their social value in their communities. Also, I have realized that many historical figures are celebrated for their achievements despite many unjust actions they have committed along the way.

I do believe that both the good and the bad should be represented in history in order to allow people to make their own judgments and think for themselves. Working on my research packet helped me apply what I have learned in class on how to analyze different types of documents and the purpose they can serve. I enjoyed the information I have learned in this class and will use it to my advantage in the future to leave a true mark that represents who I am and what I stand for in the digital world.

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