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My digital presence

When I googled my name, the first two things that have appeared were my Facebook and Instagram pages. I was shocked at the fact that anyone who can Google me can access the links to my pages and probably people that I do not want to have access to me. However, I have never really had a blog or a website where I have voiced my opinion other than Instagram and Facebook. I believe that social media will continue to exist in the following decades. In fact, there is a slight chance that my grandchildren will Google my name to see what I have on social media, and perhaps they would not find the things that I wish for them to find. Rather than finding pictures of me on Facebook, I would love for them to see what I did for my community as an individual. It is clear that anything that is posted on the Internet will stay on the Internet forever so it is highly important for me to leave something that is worthwhile on the Internet under my name. I was very hesitant to have a website under my name on the Internet because I simply feel like I do not want people to see what I am posting but after doing the readings I realized that it is important to have a voice in this world through the Internet and for future generations to find it and understand my perspective on certain situations. In the old days, you had to do something remarkable to be remembered but nowadays you can just exist on the Internet and have almost the same amount of influence. The Internet has made the world into a very small social network where everyone can have a voice and everyone must have a digital presence and now is the time for me to take part in that. The world we live in today has changed to where if you don’t take a picture when you go out that means you simply did not go out and that can be very similar to having a digital existence. If I do not have a digital presence then I will be forgotten or considered as if I did not exist in future generations. And today there is an opportunity for almost every individual to exist long after they leave this world and for future generations to see what they did during their lifetime and their accomplishments which will mark their memory forever.

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