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Margaret Elizabeth Pfohl Campbell’s Historical Marker

I chose Margaret Elizabeth Pfohl Campbell’s marker, the C-72 marker highlighted the fact that Campbell was the first female elected to the Virginia school board. The marker regarded Campbell as an influential individual that served to help others succeed and find opportunities in order to accomplish their educational goals. Campbell also founded the first public television station in Washington called WETA (Department of Historic Resources, 2010).

This marker stood out to me because, in the light of the student debt crises the country is going through, it is pleasing to find people in the past that helped students progress their academic education. Despite rising educational costs, it is wonderful to see individuals like Campbell who encouraged many scholars through all the obstacles, and more individuals like Campbell are needed in our community today.

Many students do not complete their education due to high costs and it is more difficult to fight through an expensive system than to stay motivated to follow their education path and find other opportunities like scholarships instead of dropping out. It is because of individuals like Campbell why a myriad of educational opportunities are available today. In a matter of fact, having women like Campbell who existed in our society is what paved the way for many women to accomplish their goals and have the motivation to leave a mark on their communities.

Many women today still feel discouraged when it comes to their goals, and Campbell is an example for these women to find their purpose in life and decide how they want to be remembered. I personally read the marker and thought to myself, what a great way to be remembered by her community here in Virginia, and it sparked a desire in me to be of use to my community in the future in any way possible. Observing how far women have come through over years, it is truly astonishing and inspiring the things that women were able to accomplish.

All through history, determined women were the reason why we are able to participate in society without being silenced and dismissed. In Silencing the past by Trouillot, the author mentioned how it is important for individuals to understand and see the past through their present and reality “Thus, even in relation to The Past our authenticity resides in the struggles of our present. Only in that present can we be true or false to the past we choose to acknowledge” (1995, 151).

Most importantly, this is why this marker seemed most relevant considering that there is so much more to do as women, not only in the united states but all around the world. Women today are still being discouraged and not heard so is vital to view Campbell’s historical marker in the light of what is women are currently going through across the nation and why they cannot accomplish their simplest goals.

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