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As a scholar, I now believe how important it is to understand the four literacies (ethics, privacy, copyright, and licenses). Writing a research paper for a professor to read and grade, and writing a research paper for the world to read and criticize are two completely separate situations. When writing for other general readers, scholars, and historians, it is crucial to guard my work utilizing these literacies to prevent potential lawsuits and incredibility.

Not having presented the information within required ethical terms, could negatively portray my image as a historian and may discredit all my future work. It is important to treat any information obtained as carefully as possible since it often contains years of other people’s hard work, or sensitive information regarding individuals who may not want to be shown in a certain light.

When starting a digital humanities project, as a scholar, I must take into perspective, the type of information that I must gather, and what I must do after obtaining such information. I would possibly look into how to get the information in appropriate legal terms, and make sure I am aware of which literacy I am dealing with. Thus, it is vital to know my capabilities as a scholar and how I can attain and present information accordingly.

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