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The Importance of Tidy Data

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Imagine baking a delicious cake but it is terribly decorated, that is my analogy behind having strong data but poorly organized. The process of collecting data must be followed by organizing the data where other individuals are able to read and understand. It is highly important that the data is neat and tidy, and that can be done through following few major rules. For instance, each data spreadsheet must include observations in rows, variables in columns, and each value must be in one cell.

It is extremely important to make a connection between the different variables in order to navigate through organizing a strong data set. In the research community, using data can advance my work as a scholar, and possibly support my hypotheses. Thus, when conducting research, the hypotheses are often reliant on the data I had presented to support my arguments. Hence, as a scholar I must put the effort into how my data appears in my research.

The best tools used for data organization can be done using an Excel spreadsheet, which is one of the most popular data programs used by many scientists. Data organization programs enable scholars to organize and analyze data easily. As a scholar, I find that presenting unorganized data can weaken my research because that would give other scholars who view my work a negative impression of me as a fellow scholar.

As a matter of fact, when I view other scholars’ work, I will feel more inclined towards reading the work of scholars that have their data set in an organized and presentable manner. Consequently, in the research community, a scholar like myself must build a great reputation in terms of my research work. In fact, my research work could be immensely affected if my work did not fit the standard of the organization in comparison to my fellow scholars.

Finally, a clear and tidy data will not only make my data more comprehensible but will also send a positive message about who I am as a scholar in my community.

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