How to Represent Primary Sources as Data and Why is it Important?

Historians can represent primary sources by extracting valuable information that can be used to draw precise conclusions. In order for this to take place, historians must use tools like Excel that will help construct a data-sheet following Wickham’s principles of tidy data where each column is a variable, each row is an observation, and each… Continue reading How to Represent Primary Sources as Data and Why is it Important?

Margaret Elizabeth Pfohl Campbell’s Historical Marker

I chose Margaret Elizabeth Pfohl Campbell’s marker, the C-72 marker highlighted the fact that Campbell was the first female elected to the Virginia school board. The marker regarded Campbell as an influential individual that served to help others succeed and find opportunities in order to accomplish their educational goals. Campbell also founded the first public… Continue reading Margaret Elizabeth Pfohl Campbell’s Historical Marker

The Importance of Tidy Data

Imagine baking a delicious cake but it is terribly decorated, that is my analogy behind having strong data but poorly organized. The process of collecting data must be followed by organizing the data where other individuals are able to read and understand. It is highly important that the data is neat and tidy, and that… Continue reading The Importance of Tidy Data


As a scholar, I now believe how important it is to understand the four literacies (ethics, privacy, copyright, and licenses). Writing a research paper for a professor to read and grade, and writing a research paper for the world to read and criticize are two completely separate situations. When writing for other general readers, scholars,… Continue reading Literacies

My digital presence

When I googled my name, the first two things that have appeared were my Facebook and Instagram pages. I was shocked at the fact that anyone who can Google me can access the links to my pages and probably people that I do not want to have access to me. However, I have never really… Continue reading My digital presence

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